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Steps we take

1. We give the area to be shampooed a thorough vacuum to remove all crumbs and debris.

2. We spray the desired area with our fabric cleaning product to settle into the fibers and loosen the fabric to be shampooed.

3. With our drill brush and a fabric-safe drill brush, we agitate the fibers to allow the chemicals to embed, and work into the fabric to be shampooed. 

4. Next, we use our steamer to assist in the loosening of any stubborn dirt, or spills embedded within the floors or seats.

5. With our microfiber towels we wipe clean the seats or floor to remove the dirt that has been lifted, and also to assist in the drying process of the treated areas.

6. Repeat as needed.

*We NEVER guarantee perfection with stain removal, as the variables involved are beyond our control.  The types of stains, the length of time the stains have been allowed to settle, and the condition of the fabric the stains have settled into.  With that said, we are proud of and stand by the results we produce when it comes to shampooing and stain removal.

Calandra B.

I have nothing but good things to say about I Am Interior Detailing LLC. There was a stain in my carpet I just knew wasn't going to be able to come out. They got the satins out of my carpet no problem. Had my entire car looking better than when I purchased it. I will definitely be using this service again. -12/31/22

Isa F.

Friendly, communicative, punctual and polite. Love that this time consuming service is offered in home vs. on site and completed without any help from the owner. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the cleaning - the interior is spotless despite 3 kids contributing to nearly a year of crumbs on the carpet that were ground in (despite using a home vacuum regularly). Will be using I AM for my next detailing. -3/15/22

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