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Full Interior Detail

Steps we take

1. Removal

  • After we throw away trash, and bag your personal belongings, we use our drill brush to agitate your seats, floor mats, and carpet to loosen any debris embedded within them. 

  • We then use our vacuum with its detail-specific attachments to give a thorough vacuum. Seams within seats, cracks, seatbelt holders, under the front seats, and in between your seats and the center console. We know where crumbs and debris like to hide and we are equipped to remove it.


2. Headliner cleaning

  • We start from the top and apply our interior cleaning solution to your headliner with a sprayer, agitate the chemical into your headliner to lift any debris and dirt, then wipe with our microfiber rags until your headliner is in great condition. Children color your headliner? No worries.


3. Interior Trim and Doors

  • Using a detailing brush and vacuum, we dust the interior vinyl and plastics. Next, using an interior cleaner, we agitate the solution into the interior trim and door surfaces with our detailing brush to lift dirt and debris. Next we wipe off the surfaces with our microfiber towels, and dry so that no chemical residue is left on your interior. 


4. Seats and floor (Leather Cleaning and Shampoo)

  • Shampoo: We have a 3- step process for cloth seats and floors. We spray with our cloth cleaning solution, agitate fibers with our drill brush, steam the fibers to loosen up any stubborn dirt embedded into the fibers, and then use our quality extractor or steamer to extract the dirt that has been loosened. 

  • Leather Cleaning: For leather seats we spray with our leather cleaner, scrub your leather with our leather-safe brush, and wipe dry with a microfiber towel. 


5. Door Jambs and sills 

  • Using our steam cleaner and all purpose cleaner, we spray and clean your door jambs and sills 


6. Interior Trim, Fabric and Seat protectant

  • Whether leather or fabric, we apply to of the line Protestant using a microfiber applicator pad to protect your trim, seats and floor from dirt, power spills and UV rays. Protection is estimated to last for about 3 months.  (+$30/Full, $15/Basic Detail)


7. Window Clean 

  • We employ a 2-step process: Degrease to remove heavy dirt, apply glass cleaner for a streak-free shine, and then we apply a wax to protect from water, and grime for a time. 


8. New car smell

  • Our last, but possibly most important step is spraying your vehicle with a scent of our choice to give your vehicle that fresh off the lot smell.


Final walk-through

  • We give your vehicle one final vacuum, and spot check our work before handing you the keys

Drave K,

So happy with the results! I wanted to give my car a spa day and I’m so glad this is the business I chose. Such a nice guy that did such an amazing job! -5/8/22

Crystal Koenig

Frank did an excellent job with pet hair removal and deep cleaning of the carpets in our vehicle. He was a great communicator and explained the process well, was punctual and professional throughout. It is a great convenience this company offers to come to you. I highly recommend! - 6/1/22

We offer Maintenance Packages to maintain the amazingness of your vehicle after a Full Interior Detail.  Feel free to check out our Maintenance Detail Packages to make future bookings easy!

Still have questions? Give us a call, or visit our FAQs page

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