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Your Mobile Car Interior Detailer for Linden Hills, MN 


7am-9:30pm Monday-Thursday

7am-4pm Friday

9am-9:30pm Sunday


Car Detailing that comes to you!

We have dedicated a service page strictly to Linden Hills...why? Linden Hills is such a lovely place to be, and we enjoy deep cleaning vehicles in this wonderful neighborhood.  Feel free to browse our Services, and check out our Maintenance Packages to see what we can do for you!

Our Services

We provide 3 separate Interior Detailing services to accomodate whatever your needs may be. While we are confident one of these services will prove sufficient, take a look at our Maintenance Packages as well so we can maintain your vehicle's deep clean going forward.

Starting at $200/Sedan
Starting at $215/SUV
Starting at $230/Minivan or 3rd row seating

Stain removal, salt removal, pet hair removal, steam cleaning and more.  With this service we take the extra steps to deep clean your vehicle's interior.

To see a Full breakdown of the steps we take to deep clean your vehicle, visit our Full Interior Detail page.

This is not a cheap way to get a detail, but not all vehicles need a deep clean. If your car doesn't need stain removal, gunk removal, or any deep cleaning then this may be the service for you. Some vehicles don't qualify.

Between $100-$150

To see a Full breakdown of the steps we take in this service, visit our Basic Interior Detail Page and compare to see what is best for you.

Between $100-$150

Just need your fabric cleaned? To remove salt stains, coffee stains,  and children's stains, get your vehicle Shampooed and Steam Cleaned.

To view the steps we take to remove stains out of your seats and floors, visit our Shampoo page.

Maintenance Packages

We offer routinely scheduled details at a discounted price to maintain the amazingness of your vehicle after a Full Interior Detail.  Feel free to check out our Maintenance Detail Packages to make future bookings easy!


What our customers say...

Frank did excellent work detailing two of my car interiors, removing multiple stains and making the seats and floors look like new. He was also very friendly and clear in his communication. I recommend this business highly. - Travis Workman

Service Areas:

Here are a list of cities that we currently provide Mobile Detailing to. If your city is listed, then yes we come to you!

I AM Interior Detailing LLC

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